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Daily Body Care to follow before Puja


Body care


Daily body care is important to feel fresh & look well groomed. How you feel about yourself plays an important role in your overall attitude & self-confidence. A well-groomed & well-maintained body can certainly add to your overall personality.

Body care

The skin of the body is not as sensitive as that of the face & it is much thicker in comparison, hence you really need not to take a lot of care for your body but some minimal care is necessary. To maintain the skin of your body in proper condition you need to follow a simple routine regularly & the results will be visible within days.

Let’s find out the simple Body Care routine that you can start from today itself to get soft, smooth & healthy skin before the Puja,


Pick your body soap with care

soap in body care

When it comes to buying a face wash, many of us prefer some prior research before using a product on the face but when it comes to soap for cleansing the body we just go on with anything in the market. However, if you are interested about maintaining the skin of your body, you should do some research before buying your regular body soap as well.

soap in body care

Most of the soaps available in the market are formulated with high amount of alkali, which dries out the skin, reaps off the necessary skin moisture & affects the natural, mildly acidic pH of the skin. So, it is important to pick a Body wash that is mild on your skin, which will cleanse the skin without drying it out. Even many, seemingly mild body wash available in the market comes with high soap content, that can cause skin dryness.

Keya Seth Aromatherapy Spa Body Wash

Aromatic Spa Conditioning Body Wash has been formulated with extracts of Ritha, which is a natural cleansing & foaming agent. It is completely devoid of soap. In addition to that, the body wash also contains a bunch of natural moisturizers & essential oils that give it natural anti-bacterial properties to ward off any common skin infections.

Use an effective & mild body cleanser every day but never leave the cleanser on skin for long. After application wash off immediately with water.        


Exfoliator is not any less important than the soap

Daily Body care

When it comes to body care, the maximum importance is given to the cleanser, while the cleanser is actually important to cleanse the dirt, grime & bacteria stuck on the skin, exfoliation is vital to free the skin from the dead skin cells & deep-rooted dirt. Use an exfoliator on the body at least on alternate days to get rid of the dead cells & deep-set dirt. Regular exfoliation is most effective to get rid of darker patches on skin & suntan.

body care

Pick a scrub depending on your skin requirements. Your body scrub should not be as mild as your face scrub. The Skin Eraser Walnut Powder works best for the body skin. You can also opt for the Jojoba powder scrub or the liquid scrubs like Orange or Neem.

Always use the scrub on wet skin & do not rub harshly. Proper exfoliation of the skin is the key to improve the texture & tone of the skin quickly. Exfoliate your body on alternate days or daily in case you are using a mild scrub. Use the exfoliator after cleansing your skin with the mild body cleanser.


Do not skip the moisturizer

moisturizer in body care

Moisturization is important to keep the skin healthy & naturally beautiful. You can use a body lotion or a body oil depending on your personal preference. Moisturizing the body skin right after cleansing & exfoliation is important as it replenishes any lost moisture & keeps the skin soft & supple.  Reapplying the body moisture once again before going to bed is also a good idea as during sleep your skin repairs itself & moisturizing it right before going to bed can be helpful to make your body skin, soft & bright quickly. 

moisturization in skin care

Currently, before Puja, while the temperature still has not gone down much, it is advisable to not to use a lot of the oil or moisturizer on body at one time. Use just a little of the Soft & Smooth Fairness Body Oil after bath & pour a mug of water over the body before drying up. However, applying the oil before going to bed might not be very suitable for everyone. In that case, use the Soft & Smooth Fairness Body Moist after bath & before going to bed. But always use less product, as more product will make your skin sticky in this weather.

So, to make your body skin soft, smooth & fair before Puja, all you need to do is invest in 3 proper body care products - a cleanser, a scrub & a moisturizer/oil & use them daily without miss.         




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