Spicy Vanilla After Bath Body Oil Light, Non-Sticky & Quick Absorbing – Keya Seth Aromatherapy

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Spicy Vanilla After Bath Body Oil Light, Non-Sticky & Quick Absorbing, Stimulates Mind, Anti Inflammatory, Warming Action & Revitalize Skin

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  • AFTER BATH BODY OIL: Designed as an After Bath Body Oil to Stimulate the Mind and Revitalize the skin. Sweet & Spicy Aroma with Non-Sticky and Quick Absorbing properties. Enriched with an array of oils like Warming action with Cinnamon Essential Oil, Uplifting & Pain killing Clove Essential Oil & Sweet, Aromatic, Calming, Soothing, & Anti-inflammatory properties enriched Vanilla Oil. This Body Oil stimulates your senses & takes the Body & Mind through an unforgettable rejuvenating experience & keeps the skin moisturized & creates a pleasurable feeling of Warmth & Relaxation.
  • VANILLA OIL: Widely known for its antioxidant properties, combating free radical damage & promoting restoration & revitalize skin with its profound anti-aging properties. It enters the bloodstream through skin absorption & effective in suppressing depression as it uplifts the Olfactory nerve is responsible for regulating mood & helping to combat insomnia & gives a sense of peace & relaxation. With Anti germ & Anti-inflammatory properties, Vanilla oil is naturally beneficial for health & will provide Refreshed, Energized & Renewed Body & Mind. 
  • CINNAMON ESSENTIAL OIL: Excellent for exhausted states & feelings of weakness & depression. Eases Cold through Warming action by raising body temperature & eases breathing difficulties. Generally, it restores heat to the body. Tonic effects are suitable for the Circulatory system & reduce muscular spasms & painful rheumatic joints. Detoxifies & helps burn fat. Mild astringent effects on the skin tighten loose tissues & effective in clearing Warts. `
  • CLOVE ESSENTIAL OIL: Positive & Stimulating effects on the Mind, strengthens Memory & lifts Depression. Uplifting qualities reduce feeling weak & lethargic. It is a good pain killer & has long been used to ease toothache. Suitable for wintertime. It alleviates infectious wounds, as well as skin sores & skin problems.