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Catch the fun not the flu

catch the fun not the flu


A little irritation in the throat? Unexpected sneezing? Light headache? Well, welcome to the club. As the season is changing but still winter seems to shy away, the weather might look friendly but is right enough to catch the flu. Winter means festivities, carnivals, fairs, weddings, parties & missing all the fun to flu, is certainly the worst thing to face in this happening season.

The good thing is, just a little precaution can save you easily. So, if you are planning to catch all the fun, first catch a glimpse of the dos & don’ts noted in the next section,

Restrain the speed of the fan

stay safe from flu


The weather is getting much colder by the night, particularly during the dawn. So, making sure that the fan in your bedroom is in a moderate speed is important. If you are keeping the windows open & there are plants or water bodies near your home, you might even need to switch the fan off, just to be on the safe side.


Think twice before devouring that ice-cream

dont catch the flu


No matter how much you love the ice creams they will not show the same love to you particularly in this season. So, if you are planning to indulge in an ice cream or cold coffee give it a second thought & opt only if your throat is in its perfect health & can bear the excess cold.

Vaporize essential oil in your room  

hot and cold

Bergamot essential oil has extra ordinary anti-bacterial properties & using it in a vaporizer in the room will not only make the breathing easy & enhance the mood but will also kill the flu causing germs, preventing infection. Adjust the exposure to the oil vapor for around 10 minutes at a stretch but not more than that.

Essential oil application will also help

You can use Eucalyptus essential oil mixed with a carrier oil on the throat area & chest to treat throat discomfort, irritation & congestion.

A tasty home remedy 

honey ginger candy


To soothe the irritated throat you can easily prepare lozenges at home & suck on them frequently. Microwave 5 tea spoon sugar with a little water; add 3 tea spoon pure honey, 2 tea spoon ginger juice & few drops of lemon juice to it, mix well & microwave again. Now spread some sugar powder on a clean white cloth and use a small round spoon to take a little of the mixture & put it on the cloth to dry in the shape of lozenges. Leave on for an hour, then remove & store in a clean glass container. Use as needed.    

Using Hot and Cold is a quick & easy solution

hot and cold


Hot and Cold is a potent blend of different essential oils & herbal extracts that not only gives you protection from the flu but also keeps the airways clear, heals nasal & throat irritation & congestion. When used at the very onset of flu.0 or when you have just started to see the first symptoms of the flu is very effective to avert the problem quickly, without any side effects.  


How to use

           - Take a fresh handkerchief or tissue paper

           -  Add 8 to 10 drops of “Hot & Cold” on it

           - Sit in an upright posture

           - Inhale the medicine deeply from the handkerchief or tissue

             through your nose

           - Exhale through the mouth

           - Continue the above steps for 8 to 10 minutes without gaps

           - Follow the same twice a day

           - You may also sniff the same tissue afterwards  



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