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  • Papaya Extract

    Papaya Extract

    Papaya, a tropical fruit known for its deliciously sweet and vibrant orange flesh, offers a delightful burst of flavor and a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants. Discover the benefits of papaya, from digestive support to skin health. Learn how to incorporate this nutritious fruit into your diet and enjoy its tropical goodness.

  • Lotus Oil

    Lotus Oil

    Nelumbo nucifera, commonly known as lotus, is an aquatic perennial plant cultivated in most provinces of China and even across many parts of the world.

  • Korean Red Ginseng

    Korean Red Ginseng

    Ginseng has been used in Korea for a long time as a vital herbal medicine.  It has gained fame as one of the most popular herbs originating from Eastern countries.

  • bakuchi Oil

    Bakuchi oil

    Bakuchiol is the most efficient home remedy for the skin. Applying Bakuchiol mixed with coconut oil helps to reduce inflammatory reactions on the skin due to its anti-inflammatory property.

  • Fatty Acid

    Fatty Acid

    Fatty acids play a key role in metabolism: a metabolic fuel (energy storage and transport), a necessary component of all membranes, and a gene regulator.