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Blog 46: How does Alopex penta really work?

Does keya seth alopex penta really work

Has the mirror turned into your worst enemy? Looking at the mirror & witnessing how you go bald day by day is nothing less than a nightmare come true. Keya seth alopex penta hair-fall therapy promises to help you overcome the bad days by preventing hair fall & inducing new hair growth.  

does alopex penta really work

Hair thinning & receding hair line can quickly make you look older, taking a heavy toll on your personality & self-confidence. However, only worrying for your retreating hair line will not help; the right treatment at the right time is the only way to arrest hair fall & boost hair regrowth.  Keya seth alopex penta is a formulation that comes with proven results for hair fall control, hair growth & complete hair health without any side effects.

Is alopex penta effective?

alopex penta increases anagen hair density

 Well, there is every reason for you to doubt. There are many hair regrowth products with tall claims that fail miserably to meet the standards. So, do not take just our words for it, take a look at the study results for Alopex Penta received through clinical trial confirming with the latest recommendations of the World Medical Association (WMA) & fully complying with the “Schedules of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act”, before you trust.   

Alopex Penta clinical trial is WMA approved 

The study was performed on otherwise healthy human subjects between 35 and 50 years of age suffering from chronic hair loss (androgenic alopecia type) of stage I-2 to I-3 according to Ludwig scale (refer next image). The study spanned for nearly 3 months & the following results were noted at the end of the study.

Ludwig scale of alopecia

After using keya seth alopex penta 2 times/day (Morning & Evening) the study subjects observed the following,    

  • 94% participants found the product effective to reduce hair loss
  • 94% participants informed that the product promotes hair growth
  • 97% of the participants agreed that the test product makes hair stronger
  • 97% of the participants confirmed that the test product increases hair volume
  • 100% of the contributors found that the test product improves overall hair appearance

Apart from the above, participants also observed that regular use of alopex penta made hair softer, longer, lustrous & more manageable.     

Alopex Penta side effects

alopex penta is side effect free

We take utmost care to ensure that every product from our brand is not only effective but also safe & free from negative side effects. During the above study on Alopex Penta, no unfavorable evolution of functional or clinical signs was observed at any point of the test for the whole panel. The product is even safe for use during pregnancy & lactation. Hence if you have been worried about alopex penta side effects, you can be rest assured that this product is completely safe for the suggested use.

Composition of Alopex penta

Keya seth alopex penta hair-fall therapy has been formulated with a blend of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils & other active ingredients with proven efficacy in controlling hair fall & boosting hair growth. Alopex penta composition includes Essential oils of, 

alopex penta composition

Along with,

  • Biotin - One of the most vital vitamins for arresting hair loss, promoting hair growth & hair health.
  • Cystine – An amino acid of keratin, the protein which makes the hair. It promotes hair growth & prevents hair loss.
  • Tannic acid – It stimulates keratin production.
  • Methionine – An essential amino acid for hair growth as it promotes blood supply to the hair follicles.
  • Arginine – An essential amino acid associated with increased blood supply to the scalp & hair roots.

In an aqueous base.   

Keya seth alopex penta review

keya seth alopex penta review

According to the users, the non-sticky & non-greasy formula of keya seth alopex penta makes it ideal for regular use. The product has a pleasant scent & it is non-irritating on the scalp. It works best to stop hair fall & induces new hair growth within 2-3 months of daily application as suggested when the patient is suffering with I-2 to I-3 stage of androgenic alopecia (refer image). But the product might not be effective to arrest balding after the patient has crossed the I-3 stage.

We hope that this detailed keya seth alopex penta review will help our customers make the right decision before it is too late to get back their natural hair.  

Now you can buy keya seth alopex penta online as well, directly from our website.



  • How long can i use alopex penta hair oil after expiry. The product expired in august 2019.

    Posted by Saifuna | February 11, 2020
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