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COVID Essentials

Covid-19 has taught us many things and maintaining the best hygiene practices is the first of them all. The relaxation of the lockdown over time is inevitable and while we might try to minimize going out, staying home bound completely is not feasible in the long run. We have to go out, we have to perform all the necessary activities while maintaining the best safety practices. The truth is, we will continue to stay susceptible to the virus until a vaccine is discovered which might take years. In this situation, taking all the precautions, maintaining the best safety & hygiene practices as instructed by the World Health Organization (WHO) is the only way to stay safe. In this changed circumstance it is important to understand that your safety is directly related to the safety of your family and all the people around you. So, as slowly we start to get back to our work and outdoor responsibilities, being more stringent about personal hygiene is essential. To win this war against Covid-19, along with your mask make Ankush your everyday companion.
Ankush, the name itself denotes controlling or checking as the range controls infection causing bacteria and viruses. The Ankush Range by Keya Seth Medicure includes 4 products that ensure complete protection and safety from harmful microbes. Make Ankush your everyday companion and stay safe from corona virus and other infection causing germs.
The Ankush Range follows the WHO formula to ensure maximum effectiveness of the products in killing viruses. It also contains natural anti-microbial and germ-killing ingredients as noted in Ayurveda. The effectiveness of these ingredients has also been proven through multiple scientific studies. Let us take a look at the ingredients that make Ankush effective in killing germs while caring for your skin.