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Geranium Essential Oil, Therapeutic, Pure & Natural, Balances Sebum, Increases Collagen & Blood Flow, Breast Toner & Regulates Hormone 10ml

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  • AROMA & PROPERTIES: This attractive plant, often seen in hedgerows is about two feet high with serrated, pointed leaves and small pink flowers. Has Sweet and heavy, a little like the rose with minty overtones. Has an Anticoagulant, Anti depressant, Astringent, Diuretic, Deodorant, Haemostatic, Hypoglycemiant, Insecticide, Styptic, Tonic, Vasoconstrictor, Vulnerary. 
  • BODY: Its regulatory function on the hormonal system is helpful with pre-menstrual tension and menopausal problems such as depression, and heavy periods. A good tonic for the liver and kidneys helps clear the body of toxins and is effective in throat and mouth infections. Also has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system. Also deals with jaundice and gall bladder stones, diabetes, and urinary infection. Effective in throat and mouth infections. 
  • SKIN: Useful for all types of skin conditions since it balances sebum, the fatty secretion in sebaceous glands which keep the skin supple. Eczema, Burns, Shingles, herpes, ringworm, and chilblains may respond. Also good for sluggish congested and oily skins- a good overall skin cleanser. Enlivens pale skin since Geranium improves the flow of blood. Increases collagen production, Geranium Oil enhances elasticity and maintains the skin's softness and smoothness. 
  • BREAST TONER: Enhances the breasts by increasing the blood flow. A good body tonic to the circulation, making it more fluid. During the massage, the lymph nodes get massaged, taking away toxins and matter from the mammary glands and bringing a fresh supply of lymph-containing lymphocytes to recognize and kill unwanted organisms such as bacteria and viruses, boosting the immune system. Makes breasts healthier and perks up sagging breasts. In addition, increasing collagen production enhances the skin of the breasts and nipple making it softer, supple, smoother & brighter. 
  • MIND: A tonic to the nervous system, quells anxiety and depression and lifts the spirits. Puts the mind back into balance and through its action on the adrenal cortex reduces stress.