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Blog 40: Suffering from Cracked Heels? Know the permanent solution

cracked heels

After a long hectic day at work you can hardly help a hurting feet but you have no reason to contend with the pain of cracked heels along with it. Cracked heels are a common problem for many & often it is not only a “winter-special” issue that goes off with the season. Many of us suffer from cracked heels & fissures throughout the year that worsens with the advent of winter. There are different topical lotions & creams available in the market that can solve the problem for the time but for a long term solution you need a little more. 

What causes cracked heels?

  • Dry winter weather
  • Continuous mild dehydration in the body
  • Using harsh & drying soap regularly on feet
  • Soaking feet in hot water for too long
  • Diabetes & obesity

In most of the cases, severe cracked heels & fissures are caused due to more than one reason from the above & the severity often varies depending on the above factors. Patients with uncontrolled diabetes & obesity are at higher risk of having the problem. 

Skin cells produced by the basal layer of epidermis moves upward as they mature, through the layers of skin. It takes around a month for these cells to reach the outermost layer of epidermis as dead, keratinized cells to be shed. These dead skin cells keep on accumulating on the heels when they are not shed physically through exfoliation & create a layer of hard, keratinized skin cells that one can even pull out from the heel region without feeling any pain or even a slight tingling sensation. This layer of dead cells prevents absorption of moisture & exaggerates the problem of cracked heels.

Natural permanent solution from cracked heels

To solve the problem of cracked & even bleeding heels, you really need not to visit a doctor unless you have an illness that might be exaggerating the problem. Regular home care with the right ingredients can be the best long term solution for your problem. But always keep in mind, if you are depending on home remedies you have to be religious about using it. Using it only when the condition is worst & forgetting as soon as the condition improves will certainly not help you to solve the problem permanently. Check out the home treatments that can heal your cracked heels & solve the problem completely with regular use.    

Homemade sour curd

sour curd for cracked heel

As already elaborated, dry skin is the primary reason of cracked heels & sour curd is one of the best easy available natural skin moisturizers. The enzymes present in sour curd help in dissolving the dry, keratinized skin cells & penetrates into the skin, thus loosening the barrier of dry skin in the heel area.

To use sour curd, first soak your feet in warm water for 5-10 minutes, remove & pat dry. Then apply hanged sour curd in a thick layer & leave on. Wash off after 15-20 minutes with normal water. You should use this treatment at least 2-3 times every day along with essential oil application as suggested below. Once the cracks have healed, you can use this treatment once a day or even on alternate days to get permanent solution.

Essential oils & Vegetable oil treatment

Essential oils are one of the few things that are actually able to penetrate the epidermis of the skin. So, to heal the dry, cracked & bleeding heels nothing can be more effective than a mixture of essential oils. Some essential oils that are most effective to sort out the problem of cracked heels include,

Chamomile Essential Oil

chamomile essential oil for cracked heels

Chamomile essential oil is highly beneficial for skin dryness & redness. The oil is known for its moisturizing abilities. It works as a local vasoconstrictor & can reduce the redness of the cracked heels quickly1.  It also has anti-inflammatory & bactericidal properties that make it ideal for use in treatment of cracked heels.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

cracked heels

Carrot seed oil is known as one of the strongest revitalizing essential oils for the skin2. It improves the skin condition as well as the skin complexion, thus helping you to get soft, smooth & beautiful feet.

Basil Essential Oil

essential oil for cracked heels

Basil essential oil has antiseptic property that helps in healing the cracked heels quickly. The oil also helps in improving the appearance of skin1.

Rosemary Essential Oil

essential oil for cracked heels

Rosemary has been traditionally used in treating different skin disorders. It has astringent properties & is used in treatment of dry, flaky skin3.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

essential oil for cracked heel

Tea Tree essential oil is considered as one of the strongest essential oils in regard of its antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic & bactericidal properties. It is used in treating wounds & infections quickly & effectively. Applying this essential oil on the cracked heels keeps any secondary infection at bay & promotes quick healing.

Essential oils cannot be used alone on the skin because of their high potency. They need to be mixed with vegetable oils for safe & effective application. Castor oil & sunflower oil are known for their skin nourishing properties. Hence a mixture of the above mentioned essential oils & these vegetable oils can effectively heal cracked heels.

Apply this oil mixture onto the cracked heels twice a day after using the sour curd & you are sure to see improvements that will last.

The easy remedy

So, now you know how to heal the cracked heels permanently, but the treatment mentioned above, no matter how effective it is, is time consuming & you might not be interested to follow it religiously because of the hassles it involves.

permanent cure for cracked heel

We understand your concerns & hence we have launched the Heel Healing Lotion, an essential oil, vegetable oil & curd extract enriched natural formula that not only heals even the bleeding heels quickly but also prevents cracking of the heels in future. Apart from all the above mentioned essential & vegetable oils, the formula also contains glycerin & Aloe Vera extracts that are known for their super hydrating power. With regular use of the Heel Healing Lotion, you can actually forget the problem of cracked heels forever.   


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