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What is a Face Primer, And Do you really need it?


All Matte Primer Do you really need a Face Primer


Are you not happy with the finish of your makeup? Do you think even the best quality foundation is not giving you that desired smooth finish or your makeup is melting away pretty quickly? All you might be missing is a Face Primer. If you are not aware about it, you are certainly missing out all the benefits it can offer to make your makeup perfect & long lasting.

So, first let us take a look at what is a Face Primer?

A Face Primer is a gel or cream-based product applied on skin before foundation. A face primer basically works as a base for your foundation & offers a bunch of other benefits that ensures not only smooth application of makeup but also better makeup longevity.  Face Primer basically prepares the skin for a foundation or tinted moisturizer.

The benefits of using a Face Primer

The list of benefits of using a Face Primer includes but are not limited to,

Provides a base for foundation

A good quality face primer gives your foundation a perfect base to stick to. It makes application & blending of foundation much easier & also improves the final finish.

Blurs skin imperfections

One of the most important benefits of a good face primer is its ability to blur skin imperfections like fine lines, blemishes & enlarged skin pores. So that you get a clean slate to start your makeup.  Primer also improves the buildability of makeup, thus helping to mask imperfections without making it look cakey.

benefits of using a face primer before makeup


Controls excess oil & sweat 

Tired with excess sweat or a shiny face? All you need is a mattifying face primer. A mattifying primer helps to control excess oil on face & keeps the shine in control. It also keeps the makeup fresh.

Improves Makeup longevity

A good quality Face Primer adds to the life of makeup. If you always complain about your makeup not lasting long enough, a makeup primer can give you better results. The primer molecules ensure better adherence of your makeup to your skin. It also controls excess oil & sweat which reduces the chance of makeup melting even in humid weather.


So, now that you know why you should use a Face Primer before foundation, it is time to find out what you should look for before buying a Face Primer.

The Quality

When you are spending on a Face Primer it is really important that you are sure about the quality. A Face Primer has many benefits, but a bad quality face primer, will not meet your expectations & might even trigger problems like dry patches on skin. While looking for a face primer go for a product that comes with skin benefits too.

The all rounder

Most of us prefer sticking to a single product year-round. Buying one Primer for winter & another one for summer might not be a feasible option. So, it is better to go for an all rounder that works perfectly for your skin in the humid summer or the dry winter.  

Skin suitability

Primers are commonly available in cream as well as gel forms. It is important that you choose a primer that matches with your skin needs. There are primers that are best for specific skin types, as well as primers that work perfectly for all skin. Gel primers are of more premium variety & are formulated to meet the needs of different skin types.

All Matte by Keya Seth Professional

All Matte Face Primer by Keya Seth Professional


Keya Seth Professional, a Premium quality luxury makeup range researched & developed in the UAE, has launched All Matte, a gel-based face primer that delivers more than expected. This primer delivers a bunch of benefits. Let us take a quick look at the list,

  • This weightless gel formula enhances spreadbility of makeup, which directly adds to the blendability of foundation as well as the final look & feel.
  • All Matte blurs & masks fine lines, wrinkles as well as pigmentation & skin defects, creating a perfect base to start with.
  • It prepares the skin for makeup & gives a powdery, silky, smooth feeling to the skin
  • Effectively absorbs excess oil & sebum from skin. Also enhances water repellency thus giving your makeup a fresh look all day long.
  • The primer has anti-caking properties which ensures a smooth finish & prevents makeup setting in fine lines.
  • Helps to prevent evaporation of moisture from skin, thus helping to keep your skin hydrated even in an airconditioned environment.
  • Last but not the least, All Matte Face Primer by Keya Seth Professional contains squalane, a moisturizer that is naturally present in skin but starts to deplete with age, leaving the skin dry & vulnerable. Squalane hydrates skin & helps to lock in essential moisture, banishing any skin dryness caused by makeup. 


All Matte Mattifying Gel Face Primer by Keya Seth Professional works efficiently for every skin type & in every weather. Even if you are not opting for makeup, you can use this weightless primer on bare skin for a primed & healthy natural look.


How to use All Matte?

Take a little on the tip of your finger & dab on fresh skin before applying makeup.

Include All Matte in your makeup kit today & experience how it changes your makeup game altogether!  



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