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Blog 4: What is Aromatherapy

Nature has bestowed numerous gifts to mankind. With nature’s bounty human beings have more reasons to enjoy their lives to the fullest .

From the ancient civilization  plants  and  herbs have been used for several preparations of medicines and therapeutic use .

 Aromatherapy which is an excellent gifts of the nature where plant materials are used along with aromatic oils , including essential oils for physical wellness , improve general well being and treatment of several ailments .

Keya Seth with her excellent in-depth knowledge of Aromatherapy , once again she has presented a basket of products each with a remedial effect to certain physical ailments for treatment  and cure .

 To mention regarding her expertise a few products of her findings ( preparation with selective combination with required  proportions of essential oil and plants extracts etc. ) , which she excels in the art of making , have  been listed here below for therapeutic use  .

Aromatherapy is the practice  of using the natural oils extracted from different parts of the  plants , which is form of complementary medicine.                                                                                     In aromatherapy , inhalation of essential oils stimulates the part of brain connected to  smell  – the olfactory system ( system associated with smell ) . When it is inhaled through nose , air borne molecules  interact with the olfactory organs and , almost immediately the brain – the central nervous system.  From where neuro chemicals are  released for the treatment of various ailments .  Once the essential oils is within the system ( by inhalation method) of  our body it will work to re-establishharmony and revitalize those systems or organs where there is a malfunction or lack of balance. Aromatherapy has many usage as useful for massage and bath besides, inhalation. The effects of essential  oils  are many and varied , which are popularly known for their antiseptic properties  besides,  having the ability to restore balance to both body and mind  .  Many essential oils have the potentiality to stimulate healthy cells renewal and growth. Due to side effects of the synthetic drugs the medicinal world  is now turning to the natural remedies for treatment once again. Natural remedies like using essential  oils , which may act slowly in antibiotic sense  but while  killing off  the bacteria or virus , it  raises the body’s  immune system to strengthen its resistance to further attack , which actually is one of its most positive side/ after effect. Use of essential oils  is gaining momentum and  such use backed by studies is becoming popular in parts of Central Europe , the USA, Australia and the UK etc.



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