32 Star-Dental & Gum Solution, Toothache, Gum Swelling, Infection, Breath Refresher Natural Therapeutic Essential Oil Blend Tea Tree & Clove 10ml | Aroma Medicure – Keya Seth Aromatherapy

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32 Star-Dental & Gum Solution, Toothache, Gum Swelling, Infection, Breath Refresher Natural Therapeutic Essential Oil Blend Tea Tree & Clove 10ml

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10 ml

 The blend of Natural Therapeutic Essential Oil "32 Star" helps to relax your Toothache, Gum Disease, and Gum pain within a second.  


Tea tree & Cypress oil has Anti-viral and Astringent properties that help to fight gum disease & bleeding gums. Peppermint Oil & Clove oil has antimicrobial properties to treat toothache & reduces bad breath. Geranium oil & Rosemary Oil helps to fight to relieve mouth infections and bad oral bacteria. Lemon oil & Rose Oil Prevent receding gum pains and tooth decay. Juniper Oil can help to prevent cavities and fight bacteria. 


Due to its strong aromatic properties, besides toothache and gum infection, this is amazingly effective in curing pyorrhoea and prevents bad breath.


We never compromise quality for the price; Our oils are highly concentrated, steam or water distillate, or mechanical methods such as cold-pressed, 100% pure, Natural, and undiluted. 

How to Use: 

During severe pain, put 4-5 drops of 32star on a cotton swab or bud, then place the bud or swab on the affected area. For regular use, add 4-5 drops with toothpaste while brushing. 

Clinical research indicates that Essential oil can relieve tooth pain and bad breath, as well as help reduce gum disease! “32 Star” is a like that, to cure all kinds of dental and gum care made by highly concentrated cold-pressed Essential Oil.  

What is Aromatherapy?    

Essential oils are often used in Aromatherapy. The term “Aromatherapy” literally means the use of aroma or essence as a therapy. It involves the use of aromatic essential oils for aesthetic & therapeutic purposes, promoting overall well-being. Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve the health of the body, mind & Spirit. Even it enhances both physical & Emotional health. Aromatherapy can be strictly distinguished from Ayurveda & Herbalism. It involves only using essential oils or the “life oils” of aromatic plants extracted from the flowers, leaves, bark & other parts of the plant.    

Power Of Essential Oils     

“32 Star.” is made with Nine powerful essential oils, which are long known as healthy Tooth & Gum Care  

 Tea Tree oil can treat gum disease and diminish inflammation although initially used by the Aboriginals as an antiseptic the world caught onto the benefits of tea tree oil quickly. Research indicates it reduces and treats periodontal disease. Dental professional also recommends it for the treatment of oral candidiasis.  

 Cypress oil is primarily beneficial to the circulatory and vascular systems. Its Astringent and styptic properties relieve fluid retention and cellulite, invaluable in the treatment of bleeding gums.  

 Peppermint Oil has Antibacterial & antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Its ability to inhibit biofilm and treat toothache and its Antifungal properties are also effective against oral health and it offers a refreshing taste and can take care of bad breath too.  

 Rosemary Oil is a natural disinfectant that can help remove bad oral bacteria that cause cavities bad breath plaque build-up and other minor dental issue.  

 Geranium oil is Anti-infection Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal & Antispasmodic, and lymphatic tonic. Its cleaning & calming effect helps to fight to relieve throat and mouth infections.    

 Clove oil had the ability to kill staph bacteria cells in liquid culture and biofilm. Its pain-relieving properties can help toothache and rheumatism arthritis and mouth sores as well as tension headaches.  

 Lemon oil can help prevent receding gums and tooth decay by fighting bacteria. This oil also has properties known to stimulate tissue formation and can support healthy gums.  

 Rose Oil can provide relief from inflammation and gum problems. It can also strengthen teeth and relieve gum pains. If you are suffering from a bad Odor and foul breath rose oil can help you to get rid of it.   

 Juniper Oil is full of monoterpenes that are responsible for the antibacterial and antifungal properties which can help to prevent cavities and fight bacteria.  

 “32 Star” also will work very well as a mouth Inflammation to regular use with a glass of lukewarm water and add a few drops of 32 Star and gargle at least twice a day for effective results.