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Alopex Long N Strong Hair Oil with Rosemary Oil– Reduces Hair Fall, Promotes Hair Growth & Nourishes Hair Follicles - No Mineral Oil & Fragrance

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Alopex Long N Strong Hair Oil -  Reduces Hair Fall, Promotes Hair Growth & Nourishes Hair Follicles

  • A regular hair care product for follicular nourishment
  • Promotes healthy scalp, long & strong hair
  • Keeps common hair concerns at bay
  • Can be used by anyone of any age
  • Nourishes hair, makes the mane soft, silky & shiny

Direction of Use:

Apply once daily on the scalp and total hair length, preferably at night before going to bed or before bath. Also use Moisture Boost Shampoo for Best Results.

Key Ingredients:

A blend of essential oils of YlangYlang (C. odorata), Marjoram (O. majorana), Neroli, Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea), C & Natural moisturizers.

A nourishing hair oil for Long & Strong Hair

Alopex Long N Strong has been designed keeping the regular need of optimum hair care in mind. This unique formula, enriched with essential oils & natural moisturizers strengthens hair from the roots, keeps the scalp healthy & promotes quick hair growth. This daily hair care product can be ideally used from an early age to get healthy hair & to keep common hair concerns at bay.

Essential oil benefits

Ylang Ylang essential oil – Balances sebum production on scalp, treats split ends, controls hair fall due to stress.

Marjoram essential oil – Strengthens hair roots, promotes hair growth, keeps dandruff & fungal infections at bay.

Neroli essential oil – Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp & helps in new hair growth.

Clary Sage essential oil – Controls dandruff, treats greasy hair, promotes healthy scalp.

Alopex Long N Strong Benefits

  • An essential oil based formula for Long & Strong hair
  • Keeps common hair problems, like dandruff, scalp itching, greasiness or dryness at bay
  • Promotes healthy scalp & hair
  • Makes hair soft & shiny