Cleansing Milk – Gentle Soft Deep Hydrating Cleanser Dirt & Makeup Remover. | Cleanser – Keya Seth Aromatherapy

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Cleansing Milk – Gentle Soft Deep Hydrating Cleanser Dirt & Makeup Remover.

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  • pH BALANCED SKIN: To keep the face clean and clear, the primary concern is cleansing which maintains the skin's homeostasis and pH. This healthy range helps keep the delicate balance of water and oil content throughout the epidermis and is critical in protecting the lipid barrier. Made with Botanicals and essential oils; Cleansing milk is gentler as it doesn’t contain any foaming surfactant and is suitable for Sensitive skin.
  • LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL: It has a pronounced healing effect on burns & sunburns with the main active compound Monoterpenes. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & antiseptic properties of Lavender Essential oil inhibit the bacteria that cause skin infection while soothing the skin by balancing the action of over-secretion of sebum and helping reduce scarring. It is one of the most beneficial oils for treating Acne and minimises fungal growth. It also promotes Collagen.
  • GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL: It balances sebum, the fatty secretion in sebaceous glands which keeps the skin supple. Effective for eczema, burns, herpes, ringworm etc. Suitable for sluggish, congested & oily skin. Improving blood flow enlivens pale skin as a good overall skin cleanser. As a natural antioxidant & anti-inflammatory oil it boosts the regeneration of the cells & tightens the skin's health & natural glow. It is highly soothing. Reduces wrinkles & puffiness around the eye areas.
  • REETHA: Extracted from Soap nuts contains saponins, which act as a foaming agent. It is used as soap in Ayurvedic tradition. The oils also maintain the integrity of cosmetic products and can be used as a base instead of petroleum & plastic derivatives. It has antifungal, antibacterial & anti-inflammatory effects. Wound healing & de-tanning properties help get skin brighter & even.
  • REGIME: Take an adequate amount of Cleansing milk on the palm. Lightly massage for 2/3 mins & wash with plain water or remove with a damp cotton ball.