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Graine Out-Migraine, Headache, Sinus, Relief Natural Therapeutic Essential Oil Blend of Aniseed & Neroli 10ml

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The soothing blend of Natural Therapeutic Essential Oil "Graine Out" helps to relax your Headache, Migraine, Sinusitis pain within a second. A Few Drops of "Grain out" Is Ideal to relax the body and mind for a rejuvenating feel.  


Combined with 8 Essential oil, Lavender appears to cleanse the Spirit relieving anger & exhaustion; Peppermint has cooling action that seems to ease headache & sinusitis; Eucalyptus reduces the painful effects of migraines, Aniseed could invigorate a tired mind; Neroli helps to relieve chronic anxiety & stress; Basil seems to have an uplifting effect on depression; Rosemary is good for mental strain general dullness; Camphor has a beneficial impact on psychosomatic 


while there is no cure or even effective treatment for migraine pain, Graine Out works instantly on migraine pain & headache, and without any side effects, it reaches the central nervous system and can give you long term relief from the problem with regular use.   


We never compromise quality for the price; Our oils are highly concentrated, steam or water distillate, or mechanical methods such as cold pressed, 100% pure, Natural, undiluted. 

  • HOW TO USE: 

Take 8-10 drops of oil on a clean handkerchief or tissue paper and sit upright; inhale the aroma with some deep breathing.  

Are you searching for a natural product that can reduce the discomfort of Headache, Migraine, Sinusitis pain, and ease allergies effortlessly? "Graine out," the natural therapeutic Essential oil blend is your answer.  

What is Aromatherapy?  

Essential oils are often used in Aromatherapy. The term “Aromatherapy” literally means the use of aroma or essence as a therapy. It involves the use of aromatic essential oils for aesthetic & therapeutic purposes promoting an overall wellbeing. Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve the health of the body, mind & Spirit. Even it enhances both physical & Emotional health. Aromatherapy can be strictly distinguished from Ayurveda & Herbalism as it involves only the use of essential oils or the “life oils” of aromatic plants extracted from the flowers, leaves, bark & other parts of the plant. 

Power Of Essential Oils  

Grain out It contains a unique blend of natural, undiluted oils which is 100% pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and no fillers, additives, bases, or carriers added.  

Lavender is highly effective on psychological disorders and relief from insomnia. If also can help to cleanse & soothe the spirit relieving anger & exhaustion. 

Eucalyptus has a cooling effect upon emotions. May reduce painful effects of migraine & helpful with scarlet fever. Its antiviral action works well on the respiratory tract, soothing inflammation and easing mucus.  

Peppermint is an aromatic herb in the mint family. It is a strongly piercing sharp & menthol fragrance. Its cooling and pain-relieving action ease headaches, migraines, and toothache. It is excellent for mental fatigue and depression.  

Basil has cephalic properties which helps reduce headaches & migraine. Clems hysteria and nervous disorders and encouraging concentration & amazingly effective for the nerves when feeling fragile, sharpening the senses. 

Neroli, has Antispasmodic properties, helpful with nerve pain headaches and vertigo. Also relieves emotional depression chronic anxiety and stress. 

Rosemary, its highly stimulating and very invigorating action good for mental strain general dullness & lethargy. Also has Analgesic properties strengthens the mind when there is weakness and exhaustion.  

Aniseed, could invigorate a tired mind, seems to quell vomiting and nausea. It appears to help with colds due to its warming properties.  

Camphor, is a balancing oil despite its primary stimulating nature. Has a beneficial effect on psychosomatic or nervous diseases.  

"Graine Out" is curated to help lift up stresses & headache from your day. We are about simple, natural solutions designed to bring more healing and wellness into your world.