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Blog 56: Acne & pimple treatment for summer

acne & pimple treatment in summer

Those who suffer from pimples & acne are sure to experience flaring up of the problem during the summer months. To stop extreme breakouts in summer all you need is to step-up your daily skin care routine without complicating it with a lot more cosmetics. A simple yet effective skin routine, designed for your skin type is all you need.

Before we give you a prescription for controlling the pimple & acne breakouts during summer, let’s take a quick look at why suddenly the breakouts flare up during summer,  

Summer sweat       

  1. More oil on skin

Triggered by the hot & humid weather of summer, oil glands on the skin start producing more oil than usual. Excess oil naturally increases the chance of breakouts. Interestingly, washing off the oil repeatedly does not help in controlling the oil production, rather the dryness caused by the soapy cleanser propels the oil glands to produce even more oil.

  1. Clogged skin pores

Excess oil makes skin sticky, helping the dead skin cells as well as the dirt & grime from the environment to stick to the skin, blocking the skin pores. The blocked pores over time develop into pimple being infected by bacteria.

  1. Sunscreen & makeup

Yes, the sunscreen can actually save your skin but if you go wrong, it can also break you out. If your skin is acne prone, using an oil-based sunscreen will naturally make your skin even more sticky during summer, adding up to the chance of breakouts. Makeup that are not marked as “non-comedogenic” can easily block the skin pores & trigger acne.

  1. Improper hygiene

Using an uncleaned handkerchief or your uncleaned hands to remove excess sweat from the face is another common reason that triggers more acne during summer.        

Now let us get to the remedies,

A proper skin care routine, with proper products is all you need to keep pimple & acne in control during summer,

1. Clean Deeper

Neem face wash for acne

Proper & regular cleansing is necessary to keep your skin free from acne during summer. However, stay away from the urge of over washing. For deep cleansing use a proper face wash according to your skin type, maximum twice a day, in the morning & at night. For dry skin, use Fresh Look Neem Face Wash & oily skinned beauties should opt for the Fresh Look Blackberry & Tea tree face wash.

  1. Tone & Hydrate

neem water for acne & pimple

A suitable toner can help acne prone skin extremely particularly during summer. It will tone the skin, tighten the skin pores & will provide the required hydration to the skin without making it oily in anyway. The Neem Water Toner from our range is the best pick for the purpose.

  1. Control the excess oil  

Clear & Clean for acne & pimple

Excess oil on skin is a primary reason of flaring up of pimples and acne during summer. Clear & Clean helps in maintaining the right pH of the skin & thus controls excess oil secretion & sweat. Dab this solution directly onto the pimples & acne with a fresh cotton ball. Use twice a day on cleansed face.  

  1. Use an anti-acne pack in extreme case

Clear off pack for acne & pimple

If your acne is in advanced stage & summer is making it even worst, use a professional quality anti-acne pack like the Clear Off Pack to control the breakouts quickly.  Use it on alternate days.

  1. Don’t miss out the nourishment

neem gel for acne & pimple

You might like to stay away from your regular moisturizer when you are suffering from excess acne & pimple during summer but do not miss out on skin nourishment. Use Neem Gel after bath & before going to bed at night to complete your acne treatment during summer.   

Dandruff is a common cause of pimple breakouts. If you have dandruff, you can hardly get rid of pimple and acne breakouts. So, while following the above routine, also follow a proper anti-dandruff regime with Shine & Silk Dandruff Removal Shampoo & Root Active Anti dandruff Treatment 

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